Shitty Birdrib Demos

by Trash Bears

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Recorded live at Birdrib a week or so after we got kicked out.


released September 8, 2015


tags: punk Australia


all rights reserved


Trash Bears NSW, Australia

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Track Name: Borken Clinks
This is such a waste of time.
This is such a waste of my fucking time.
But can you hear them knocking at the door?
This time you might be in over your head.

Right now I feel so trapped, captured, located and mapped.
Track Name: These City Streets Speak Shitty Speech
I silently stumble through mazes of buildings.
My hands in my pocket, numb from all feeling.
I find myself lost in familiar streets.
Shuffling my feet, tap dancing on the fucking concrete.

This city speaks, though the words are rarely kind.
I'm half asleep, oblivious to the daily grind.

While all these fucking sheep just keep, swallowing the same old lies.
Yeah all these fucking sheep just keep, following the same old lines.
And I just breeze by...
Track Name: Oh Harold! Who Cares!
Your two fucking cents,
Is thinning out my patience,
I'm looking for a trace of sense,
But your ignorance is evident.

So curse your confidence,
Cause I couldn't care any fucking less,
And I think it would be for the best,
If you gave your shit talking mouth a rest.

This conversations pointless, you're just talking to yourself.
While I stand silently wishing i was somewhere else.
Track Name: Working Title Drinking Song
Well I've wasted my money and I've wasted my time.
Well I'm wasted but I'm doing just fine.
And i don't mind, drinking all night.

And I drink what I can get, I'll drink my mouth dry.
And I'll drink to forget and I'll drink til I die.
So come sit by my side and drink to the sunrise.

You know there's nothing I'd rather do
Then just sit at this bar and knock back a few with you.
You know there's nowhere I'd rather be
Then surrounded by friends, sharing drunken stories.

Sharing drunken stories...

If there's a hundred, beers on the wall
Then I'm not leaving til we drink them all.